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Exciting News for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Users!

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Brand new LinkedIn Sales Navigator Updates - Here's what you need to know.

New updates to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has just released some game-changing new features for Sales Navigator, allowing sales professionals to level up their prospecting and lead generation strategies on the platform.

Enhanced Advanced Search 🔍

Say goodbye to those tedious manual searches.

With the newly upgraded Advanced Search, you can now discover the most relevant leads for you and your business faster than ever.

Refine your searches with advanced filters and unlock a treasure trove of potential customers for your business.

Saved Leads Lists 💼 📌

With this new update, you can keep your prospects organised and never miss an opportunity again.

Sales Navigator now allows you to save and categorise your leads into custom lists, giving you the ability to stay on top of your sales pipeline with ease.

Improved TeamLink 💡🌐

This update allows you to truly leverage the power of your network.

The enhanced "TeamLink" feature enables you to tap into your colleagues' connections, expanding your reach and unlocking valuable warm introductions.

Deeper Sales Insights 🤝📊

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive sales insights.

Sales Navigator now provides detailed analytics, allowing you to track engagement, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your sales strategies.

Mobile App Updates 📊📲

The update we've all waited so long for...

The updated Sales Navigator mobile app offers a seamless user experience, enabling you to access your leads, insights, and notifications anytime, anywhere - so you can stay productive on the go.


With these game-changing updates, LinkedIn Sales Navigator continues to be an indispensable tool for sales professionals, although some believe it is still overpriced, we would argue it is that price tag that helps with quality control on the platform.

Do you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Would you consider upgrading your account with these new features?


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