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Big Instagram Updates Coming: Reels & Rawness!

For users of #Instagram, there are some major platform updates coming that are going to change a lot for businesses using it to reach their customers as it moves further towards becoming a video-centred platform.

Instagram has been making small incremental moves towards becoming a #video dominant platform for a while now, but apart from the introduction of the Reels feature, they have all been considered relatively small updates to the app until recently.

A video-centric platform 🎥

Instagram has announced that it will soon be moving towards a home screen with a full screen, swipeable video feed. This is because Instagram is moving towards being a Reels centric app (in order to compete with TikTok).

This shift will mean that the traditional "scroll down for more" feed we've been used to up until now on the platform is likely to become a thing of the past, or moved to another part of the app, which will obviously change a lot about how the app is used both by businesses/marketers and consumers.

Content focus: Raw & authentic 🥩

As the platform makes this move and continues to champion the more "Reels" based style of content, it's only natural that users of Instagram are being found to favour more authentic and "raw" content pieces that are "in the moment" - over what would you traditionally call "aesthetically pleasing", film studio grade posts.

This isn't to say that high value video shoots will now be a thing of the past (far from it), but it does mean that businesses using the platform for marketing purposes should think more about whether it's adding value for their target audience rather than aesthetics.

Before committing to an idea for a piece of video content, think "Is it easy to understand?" "Is it relatable/personable?".

Here are some examples below:

A transformation video from @Kercraft showing before and after of a living room renovation.

@inawe_designs showing customers behind the scenes their quality packaging process.

Our clients @prestigeeventsmagazine telling guests 5 bitesize things to know about their event

Whatever type of business that you run/are trying to promote, video content that is relevant, fresh, appealing and valuable to your target audiences must be at the forefront of all content strategies on Instagram. People are looking for brands to relate to.

Show your face and be human. 👨👩📲👀

If you are doing this as well as utilising as many of the other features of the platform as possible, getting creative with your content and putting your own stamp on current content trends, you will stand out from the crowd on the platform for sure 👍

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