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Loughton Self Drive - Case Study
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We helped our client close more sales online by making their website far easier to use, from a user and customer perspective.

Case Study
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Automotive Hire



About the client:

Loughton Self Drive first opened its doors in 1994 with a small fleet of 3 vehicles and big dreams. Nowadays, it has a fleet of almost 70+ vehicles providing outstanding customer service, competitive rates and the latest ULEZ-compliant, eco-friendly vehicles available to suit the needs of customers and businesses up and down the country.

The challenge(s):

Loughton Self Drive's previous website just wasn’t up to scratch.

It was old, ugly and outdated. It was hard to update, so new vehicles in the fleet were not represented. The site was also incredibly confusing for a customer to use, which was costing them sales.

The goal:

Design and build a modern website that looks superb, provides information to prospective clients whilst also being easy to use, both on the client and customer side. 

Strategy 🎛

User Experience at the forefront. 👥

We knew that whatever we did with the design, it had to be super easy use and simple enough to navigate through a lot of information about a lot of vehicles.

As most of Loughton Self Drives business is done via people visiting the site and using the booking forms to choose cars. We placed this front and centre, so customers could access this quickly.


On every page there is also booking forms so as customers view the vehicles on the site they can book straight from there..

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 18.59.51.png

Easier To Update 🚀

As well as the glaring UX issues, the other problem with the previous site was that the user couldn’t easily update the images and information on the website.


Meaning that the information presented to the market was out of date and therefore costing them sales.


Now Loughton Self Drive is a customer of ours, we are always on hand to tackle any updates or changes to the service offering. Allowing them unlimited edits to the site whenever they need it. We have built it so everything is also modular as well. This means we can swap and change items quickly with minimal effort.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 19.07.49.png

New, high quality content 🤝

We produced a stream of high quality photos of all the vehicles in the fleet, as well as producing a marketing video that we could use as a background for the header of the site to make it more interactive.

Thinking with cold traffic in mind, we also made sure that all of the copy on the site was optimised for SEO.

Results 💥

An up to date, modern and responsive site  ✈️

The new website features a sleek, modern and simplistic design, that is easier for customers to use and navigate. All of the booking software is managed off site to preserve site loading speeds. 

More leads, more sales 📈

Now that the website is easier for a customer to navigate and use, Loughton Self Drive have seen an upturn in quote requests through the website which has resulted in more sales for the business.

Improved Google Search Ranking 🦠

As a result of revamping the content for the website, Loughton Self Drive is now ranking much higher on Google Searches for car, van and vehicle searches in it's target area.

Image by Taylor Xu
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We helped solidify our clients brand on socials and drive registrations for their event up by 400%.






About the client:

Prestige Events originally started as a magazine, providing event professionals with crucial news and information on the events industry. It is now a parent brand to the Prestige Events Magazine blog, The 2020 Club, The COOL Venue Awards & Sustainable Events Show.
Recognised by the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Richard Branson as the one stop shop for anyone searching for event charisma.  

The goal:

Drive awareness and registrations for the inaugural Sustainable Events Show, a groundbreaking event that took place at The Barbican Centre in London on the 26th of November 2021, to address how the events industry would deal with the climate emergency currently facing the planet.

The challenge:

Due to the 4 sub brands under the Prestige Events umbrella, the messaging on socials was confusing. This was making it difficult to reach their ideal buyers/suppliers online and promote their next events effectively whilst pushing out the news articles to their industry also.

Strategy 🎛

Social optimisation 🤝

We began by optimising all social profiles associated with Prestige Events.

Instead of creating four separate accounts for each sub brand, we decided to unify everything under one roof, with each sub-brand having its own set of brand guidelines. 


This made it easy for the audience to recognise which event was being promoted and discussed online and created consistency for the audience to follow.

Longman Media Co. Content (14).png

Content Themes 🎨

We quickly identified LinkedIn as the lead platform for the business.

After noticing that any content relating to the exhibitors received far more engagement than anything else, so we leaned into that in a big way and created a themed interview content series that went out daily, alongside the educational content around sustainability and how to register for the event.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.05.06.png
Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.05.41.png
Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.04.55.png
Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.05.55.png

Paid Ads 🚀

We used the data from the organic social campaign to influence ad targeting on LinkedIn. 

Targeting event managers and coordinators, marketing managers and sustainability officers within the target industries for our client with a scroll-stopping informational video about the event. 

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 12.32.27.png
Results 💥
Networking Event

Event Registrations up 400% 📈

The video ad that we ran on LinkedIn was viewed over 34,204 times in just two weeks - with an incredibly high view rate of 76.38%. Our client informed us that since the campaign began, registrations for the Sustainable Events Show were up 400% for the event.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.45.51.png

Soaring social engagement  ✈️

With the social media now unified under one umbrella and achieving consistency with the various content themes we put in place for the brand, our clients LinkedIn page saw a huge surge in activity and engagement. This carried on climbing after the event had taken place!

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 13.54.06.png
Prestige Analytics LinkedIn.png

A packed central London event in the middle of a pandemic 🦠

As a result of our works for Prestige Events, the Sustainable Events Show was packed throughout the day with engaged buyers and event professionals, looking to learn as much as possible about how they can make a difference by creating sustainable events.

Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 14.35.06.png

TM Event Hire - Case Study

Marquee Runway Festoon6a.jpg
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We drove 76 qualified leads for TM Event Hire's marquee hire services in 90 days.

Case Study
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About the client:

TM Event Hire is a family business based in Essex that provides hire equipment for private and public events like weddings and parties.

The goal:

Drive more qualified leads for high end weddings and private parties in need of marquees in the west Essex area.

The challenge:

Company was seen as a generalist, with no clear marketing/lead generation strategy. As a result the leads were low quality and low value, asking for a mixture of services that spread margin too thin across jobs.

Strategy 🎛
WhatsApp Image 2020-01-27 at 16.55.56.jpeg

Research 🔍

After initial customer analysis and some small polls on social media, we discovered that the most profitable hire jobs were mostly weddings, as they were the jobs where all the extras (like dance floors etc.) ended up being added in as a package deal. 

We also found that a large pain point for potential customers in this market was the stress of organising their "big day" and also knowing which contractors to trust.

This gave us valuable insights as to how to create content for the ad campaign and which copy to test first.

The Website 🖥

We identified the former website a a major block in the funnel for the client. It looked very much like a holding page with contact details for the caterers and suppliers they worked with, instead of a site that young couples could browse and get inspiration for their big day.

We felt the experience needed more of a “white wedding” feel that allowed visitors to browse the full range (with marquees at the forefront), we also made sure that customer testimonials were ever present across the site, alongside FAQ’s for each individual service, to increase buyer trust.

We produced an extensive design audit for the client to give to their web developers, detailing our suggested changes to increase conversions from the site.

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 09.56.52.png

Optimisation of Socials 📱

We identified that a large amount of organic enquires were coming from the Instagram platform, so we decided that the Instagram page needed to serve as a “mini website” for the business. 

We optimised the profile and content strategy so that potential customers could find out as much as they could about the services TM Event Hire provided in the Instagram highlights, whilst also being able to see high quality pictures of recent hire jobs and customer testimonials in the feed. 

Screenshot 2022-02-21 at 10.19.49.png

Video Ad Creation & Testing 🎥

Our content team created a series of short promotional videos (two are featured below), showing a marquee build from start to finish, with a particular focus on the extra effort that TM Event Hire puts into making their customers happy.

These were run as Video Views Ads to a broad, geo-targeted audience across Facebook & Instagram at the same time in order to see which video performed best/received the most views.

Once the video ads had amassed enough views, we then created specific Custom Audiences to "retarget" only the people who had watched the majority of the videos. 


This top level strategy was run alongside a wide array of cold advertisements being tested amongst different audiences in order to find the most profitable demographics for the campaign. 

Results 💥
Event Furniture Hire Social Media Ads.jpg

More leads. Better leads. 🎯

After just a month from being implemented, inbound leads skyrocketed for the marquee service. Below is a screenshot of the clients Facebook ads platform from month 1, where you can see from an investment of just £788.20 we were able to generate 25 leads worth £2000 to the business.

TM Case Study £24211 31x ROAS .png

1200 new followers on Instagram 📲

As a result of the campaign, our clients Instagram presence boomed!

1st Page on Google 💻

As a result of the works carried out on their website, our client became top of page 1 for "Pagoda Marquee Hire Essex", a nice little bonus for their flagship product!

TM Event Hire | Longman Media Co

"Longman Media Co. helped us to solidify our brands image online and bring in loads of new business using Facebook & Instagram advertising. Highly recommended."

Thomas Mclean - Director, TM Event Hire

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